The Etruscan city states made up a region known in ancient times as Etruria. This region was never a state or Empire in the traditional sense because the Etruscans were unable to unite, and no single ruler or City State emerged able to extend its dominion over the warring Etruscan city states. This disunity was to lead to the demise of Etruscan independence as the Etruscan city states were unable to counter the power of Rome.

Although Etruria was eventually absorbed by the Roman Empire its people remained and many traces of the Etruscans can be found in beautiful modern day Tuscany, whose name is derived from the Etruscans. .

Many of the important modern cities of the region such as Florence are built on the sites of ancient Etruscan cities and even today it is possible to find many Etruscan tombs and ruins through out Tuscany.

I recently had the pleasure of spending my summer holidays in Tuscany and I was able to visit many Etruscan tombs and museums featuring amazing Etruscan collections. In the coming months I will be posting some interesting pictures of Etruscan artefacts including coins, statues and pottery.


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